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Working Dog Breeding Program

The Ehret breeding program is a specialized breeding. The working dog is the true representation of the GSD breed. All of our dogs are trained SVV and have obtained the best hip certifications. Good show pups, out of non-working titled parents pups cost $1500 and up. We are breeding better and asking for less, use the savings to obtain training and titles for your dog. With trained and titled dogs imported from Czech, Slovak, and former East German lines, we offer a better temperament dog with much lower incidence of hip dysplasia. Our dogs are priced $1500 and under, are fed a RAW or premium high protein diet, and receive social and environmental exposure for proper early mental stimulation. Although good temperament is passed on through good genetics, much of a dogs behavior later in life also lies in early life experience.

Civil aggression is the dog's inherent level of suspicion towards humans. This is what makes socialization the most important thing a family owner can do for their dog. If you raise a pup to be around people all the time they become more people friendly as long as their experience with those people are positive ones. This socialization process will alleviate most of your concerns about inappropriate aggression towards humans when the dog becomes a full adult. This helps the dog to understand the difference between real and perceived threats.

We carefully pick our breeding pairs based on the knowledge we have about the specific bloodlines that we favor to breed, to produce the dogs we like. We breed to produce sound temperaments and balanced drives. Our dogs produce an overall confidence and high level of intelligence and trainability. We sell our pups with limited-registration (no breeding rights), a restriction which we will lift when it passes hip certification and you title your dog in SchH1 or IPO1, or gain a police or rescue title.

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