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Blitz has gotten to be a frisbee addict and very athletic. He has shown 3 days in agility shows and finished his Novice Jumper's w/ Weeves title with three first places in his first 3 times showing! His last trial he had a perfect 100 score and 2 seconds under standard course time. We're signed up for 2 more 3 day shows this month, so I'll keep you posted how he does!

Michelle Wendell, DVM

Just wanted to let you know Gia is doing great. Tonight she alerted me that something was wrong. She never growls, not even when she plays. I was doing the dishes and she started growling and acting weird. When I went to see what was bugging her, I heard my husband yelling for me. A van he was working on in the back garage had caught on fire. I wouldn't even have heard him in the kitchen or known anything was wrong. Luckily we got the fire out before it got out of hand, it could have caught the house or barn on fire. We are so happy with her, just wanted to thank you for such a great dog.

Tammy & Gai

Dog rescues small child!

I thought you might like to know Solo and I went to Oregon for a search. 3 yr old boy missing 12 hours. We flew over and Solo and I were paired with 3 fire rescue. We searched 12 hours through dense brush, trees, and rain. She wore her GPS and kept wanting to leave our grid. We got permission for her to follow her nose. She found him! Cold and wet, she layed on him until we caught up. I can't believe she's mine. She was so pleased with herself. We flew home and she drove Zeus nuts for three days. Not to mention us. Zues is just a love. 90 lb couch potato.

Thank you,
George, Mary Ann, Zues, Solo, & Mouse

It has been awhile and I wanted to give you a quick update on Brigitta. She is doing absolutely wonderful and is a joy to work/play with. She is growing up to be a really beautiful dog. I am constantly amazed at how quickly she learns!!! She is so well behaved that I take her almost everywhere with me.

~Mike and Jenny

Just a note to thank you so much for two wonderful dogs.

We always knew that German Shepherds were very intelligent but Hanna and Nora have far exceeded our expectations.

Hanna obtained her Canine Good Citizen award this last spring before the age of one. We are very impressed with how smart she is. She is very well behaved, but can drive you crazy when she thinks it is play time. Her ball drive is unreal, she would probably go for hours if we were able to.

Nora who is 14 weeks is incredible, she has learned so much already, at such a young age it is just unbelievable. She is completely housebroken, and knows basic commands such as sit, down, off, come, leave it. She is going to be the aggressive one, and we think will be the Alpha. We cannot wait to start training with her in Schutzhund. She has a lot of drive.

We love both of our shepherds and after searching for the perfect breed we have found it in Hanna and Nora, as well as finding the best breeder around.

Again thank you Daryl & Christie very much for the outstanding dogs you breed.

~David & Monica Watson


Just thought I'd send you an update on our little guy. Grey is doing wonderfully; he's smart as a whip and learns new words every day (he's mastered sit, down, come, stay, go kitchen/basement/crate, among others). He's learning to be a very polite pup and will take treats gently from our hands and wait for us to put his food bowl down before he pounces on it. That said, he's constantly looking for trouble! He's confident and constantly trying new things, and occasionally bosses the big dogs around. They both play well with him and will occasionally tell him off when they're trying to enjoy a bone and he pounces on them, but they look confused when Grey runs to the water bowl first and won't share (we're working on that).

Thank you for such a wonderful and self-assured pup; although our Porties are very smart dogs and we both grew up with shepherd mixes, Grey's learning curve amazes us. So thank you for your hard work and wonderful breeding program! Grey has already surpassed our expectations and we can't wait to see what the future holds!


PS. The photos are from today. He's getting HUGE

Elsie von Ehret

Hello, One day I brought Elsie to the office for our national sales meeting. Everyone had to pet her, although she loved it, she shed out about 1/2 of her coat. One of the reps recommended the Furminator brush. They use it on their husky and love it. I bought it for her and by using it for 20 minutes a day for 1 week I have noticed a SIGNIFICANT difference. My clothes are not covered in hair, there are less hair balls on our floor and she seems cooler when we are outside. I had such great luck with this brush I thought I would pass it on.

On another note, we are finishing our basement. Elsie and the contractor have become close pals. One day he let himself in through the front door, Ian and I were in the back and Elsie realized that even though they were friends, Ian and I were not in the house and he could not enter. When Ian went into the house he saw her guarding the front door and our contractor trying to calm her down through a 2 inch opening in the doorway. All of the hair on her back was standing straight up and Ian has never heard her bark and growl so loudly. Once he got there and told her it was OK, she let her friend enter the house. Elsie is such an outgoing social butterfly I often wondered what would happen if someone broke into the house, well I feel much better that if someone was stupid enough to break into our home they would not get very far. The uncomfortable thing was that Logan was sticking his nose in the door crack and trying to get the door open and let the contractor in.

~Elsie and Elisha, Colorado

Dog rescues dog

Hi, Thought you might like to hear about Solo's first Track and Find. On the 4th of July, a rat terrier panicked during the fireworks. The next day the owners having heard I had a dog that was in training for tracking stopped us on our daily walk. We used the dog's stuffed toy for scent. Solo took it, held the toy and waited on alert for the command to Zuhk. She picked up the track and within one minute hit the trail. We followed for about a mile when she lost scent. Solo worked a grid and went up on her hind legs, barked once and took off. We tracked for three miles. I thought she was taking me on a wild goose chase. She stopped, alerted and would not move. The little dog was there. He was hiding in the bushes. It took the owners three days of camping to coax the dog out. Solo was 7 months old. They wanted to give us a reward, I told them Solo's reward was to play fetch until I couldn't throw the ball, until I could not lift my arm and until I thought I would drop. Talk about play drive, she lives to work.

~Mary Ann and Solo

Hi, I just wanted to let you know Zeus has followed in Solo's footsteps. At seven months he has worked with Solo on three tracks. They are beginning to work as team alternating left to right on grids. The local p.d. has requested Solo on several ocassions. I plan to title solo the first of the year, she has the experience and her bite work is strong. I can"t believe she is only 19 months. Zeus is growing fast 70 lbs at last weigh, very lean and fit. He likes fetch as much as Solo. He loves to steal her ball brings both back at once. Very Large Bite. Thank you so much, Zeus has been the easiest pup to raise, loving, responsive but very protective. I will most likely start him on scent work. This bloodline trains earlier than any I have had before. Keep up the good work.

~M.A. Solo and Zeus


I thought you might like to see this handsome boy now that he is almost full grown. He was weighted yesterday and is now 95#'s. You could honestly say that he is a big boy now. He still loves everybody and they cannot help but love him back. He is very intelligent and like most German Sheppard's really tries to please and does not lose track of you. Everyone thinks he is handsome and believe, it or not, many think he is cuddly.

~Pat R., Colorado

Hope yall and the dogs are doin well. Just reporting an update on "Griz" the sable male we bought recently. He is growing up very fast, and soaks up training like a sponge. He is currently recieving private dog training sessions w/ clear water training here in Denver. He already has mastered many commands such as fetch, sit, stay, come, down, kennel up, and heel. I really think that he is a genious. The dog simply wants to do anything he can to please me and Lindsay. We are so happy with him and love him very much. Upon a year of maturation linds and I are going to start his protection training with clear water training.

~William & Lindsay

....she's [Lola's] now 20lb and has, I think, her mama's personality with just a touch of dad's. We're starting obedience on Mar. 7th.....Jill (Companion Pet Training) said after visiting your website, and seeing the lineage she comes from, she thinks Lola is more than capable of starting training early! I agree...this dog just might have an IQ even higher than mine. I'm going to have to work to stay ahead of her. :)

~Sandra G., Colorado

Ehret German Shepherd's are one of the best breeding programs in the nation. The show quality and the dispositions of the dogs have been researched extensively and only the best are introduced into the Ehret German Shepherd breeding program. Being a smaller operation the care, monitoring and training is a daily process producing the best of the best quality of dog.

~B. Bennett, Montana

Took him to the Black Hawk Motherload Rodeo today to socialize. Everybody loved him and thought he was not only gorgeous, but smart and SO SOFT!!! He is too - really, really soft). He's made a hit here and everyone is watching him grow up.

~E. Lessner, Colorado

Blaze doing well, at 13 weeks he weighs about 30 pounds, starting to get his adult fur, looks great and is as smart a dog as I have ever owned.

~C. Brooks, Colorado

Cyra @ 10 weeks
Just giving you an update on Cyra. She's doing great. We have started puppy kindergarten and she loves it. Cyra already knows how to sit, lie down and stay, so needless to say she was the "star" of the class last week.

Cyra @ 6 months
I cannot believe how smart she is. Last night it was cold up here, brrrrrr. Around mid-night I let all three dogs outside for the final poops. Luther our black 14 year old Cocker wandered a little too far. He is deaf now and his eye sight isn't too great. I said to Cyra, "Cyra, go get Luther for me". She went up on the hill and got him by the ear and brought him down to me. I nearly fell over. She knew exactly what I asked of her.

She is so cute with Luther and Mikey. Luther she adores and is constantly washing his face. Mikey and her play chase around the yard. But she is three times his size now, so I just tell her to be careful he's an old man. And she is. Big tough GSD is afraid of the vacuum cleaner and hates my hair dryer.

I promised you a picture of the parrots. The top bird is Bogie, he is a blue fronted amazon, He is our best talker and he sings (badly) opera. Bogie speaks in sentences. He yells at Cyra, "Cyra sit, good girl." "Cyra down, no no Cyra down girl". Its hysterical. Especially Cyra's expression.

The little guy on the bottom with the orange head is Jasper. He is an African Jardines. He has about 60 words and loves to snuggle with my husband. he just tolerates me.

~Deborah R., Colorado

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